Five Powerful Benefits of Bible Study

Is it a good idea to join a bible study group? This is a question that you might be asking yourself if you want to start studying the bible. Well, you will never regret it if you put your time towards bible study. Reading the bible will present you with several benefits. By reading the word of God, you will get to establish a personal relationship with HIM. In addition to that, you will be in a better position to understand how God operates when you read the bible. Continue reading this guide to discover all the top benefits of bible study.

The number one reason why it is important to read the bible is that you will get a revelation of the position of humankind in Christ. There is no doubt that the bible focuses on the messiah. Every book of the bible starting from genesis to revelation speaks about Jesus Christ. According to the scriptures, the salvation of humanity is Jesus. The salvation of the world is fulfilled in the New Testament. In the New Testament, Jesus is crucified to redeem man to the original state before the fall. From all these teachings, you are able to discover that Jesus values us. The book of Ephesians in chapter two says that we are seated with Christ in the place of authority in heavenly places.

Apart from helping you to learn more about your place in Christ, bible study is important since it will also allow you to learn more about your inheritance in Christ. When you join a bible study group and start reading the word constantly, you will get a comprehensive insight into what belongs to you as a believer. According to Paul in the books of Acts, the word of God gives an inheritance among every person that is sanctified. The inheritance that Jesus promises include healing, long life, peace, prosperity, love, and joy. People who are not fully aware of the teachings of God are likely to be tempted by the devil who always cheats and destroys.

Thirdly, bible study will also give you the revelation of your authority over the devil. Even if Satan has dominion over the world, Satan does not have dominion over the believers. Satan can only oppress those who do not believe. In Luke 10 verse 19, Jesus gave you authority over serpents and scorpion. In addition to that, Jesus has given you power over your enemies and anything that might harm you.

Bible study will also nourish your spirit. Reading the bible does to your spirit what eating your food does to your body. Peter encouraged the believers that they should desire the sincere milk of the word so that they can grow. What this tells you is that the word of God will enable you to grow spiritually to become a mature Christian believer. You will be able to avoid sin when you keep the word of the Lord in your heart.

To sum up, constant bible study is also important since it will give you divine direction as well as guidance.

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