Advantages of Country Living

Life is never the same while living in the countryside compared to that in the urban. Most people prefer to live in the rural as life there is not only cheap but also free of the hustle associated with living in the city. In the city, one has to deal with traffic jams to get to wherever it is they are heading, unlike in the rural where you do not need to plan for other inconveniences such as traffic jams while planning your journey to get to wherever you are heading in good time.
Something else which is worth noting is that in the rural there is plenty of organic food which is often a challenge to find in the city due to the market forces of high demand coupled with limited supply which makes such food inaccessible to many and for those who can access it find it do so at an unbearable cost which as a result leads to most people settling for junk food or inorganic food available in supermarkets as the accessible meal lest they go hungry. In rural, you need not worry about what to eat as there are plenty of fields where you can even grow your food if you feel like doing so.
Next is the fresh air that most people get to enjoy whereas in the rural as there are plenty of trees that give out fresh air to the residence as opposed to the city life where most people have to put up with all forms of pollution from industries and automobile which give out fumes as well as harmful particles into the environment which are likely to have an adverse effect in the city dwellers after some time as they are most probably to suffer from health conditions such as asthma as a result of these particles finding their way into their lungs.
Last but not least is the cost of living in the countryside. Life in the rural is relatively cheaper than compared to the city. Such implies that one has to have multiple streams of income for those surviving on not so well paying jobs for them to stay afloat in the city while in the rural one can manage by just solely depending on farming as other bills such as the cost of energy not to forget housing is quite affordable as most people are perceived to have moved out of the rural areas in search for job opportunities in the cities which have led to congestion of urban areas not to forget the scramble for limited city resources.
Finally, are the serene environment that one gets to enjoy in the rural such as beautiful sceneries such as mountain views, and rivers flowing. Such scenes are of utmost importance in restoring one’s mental state as one gets to feel a sense of relaxations while interacting with nature on such a deeper level and, as a result, can be beneficial in keeping one’s blood pressure level in check.

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