How Smoking Is Dangerous To The Users

Although smoking has always been known to cause death it is still funny that people do not find it a possible reason to quit. There are also people who suffer from respiratory complications especially when they smoke a lot. Among the dangers associated with smoking includes tremendous damage to the lungs. The accurate the start tobacco is known to cause a blockage to the airwaves, and this is likely to affect the functionality of the lungs. What is worse is that lung damage is not a condition that can easily be detected, and this is the more reason why it is fatal.

Smoking is one of the reasons why people have always had a low rate of fertility. Giving birth for female smokers are affected mostly by smoking since it has an impact on their reproductive tracts this has made it impossible for many females to conceive. You do not need to look around especially when it comes to causes of erectile dysfunction given that this is one of the results of smoking tobacco. Men who suffer from this condition have always had a problem maintaining an erection. In as much as smoking is related to some of the causes of erectile dysfunction women who smoke might also have difficulties during childbirth. Babies born from women who smoke might also experience a condition known as cleft palate.

In the case you have always been dealing with problems with your skin and hair maybe it is just time to quit smoking. Smokers are known to have skin breakage, and at the same time they tend to lose their hair often. Given that it is evident that tobacco smoking is one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction, there is a possibility that it can result in skin issues and in most cases skin cancer.

Forget the fact that it might not be scary to you when the dangers of cigarette smoking are mentioned and take time to focus on what impact cigarettes has on the passive smokers. As soon as you exhale you are likely to be passing on this book to the people around you and your family for instance which implies that you might also expose them to one of the causes of erectile dysfunction.

You are not only going to expose yourself to the major causes of erectile dysfunction when you smoke, but you can also contract gum diseases. The implication is that you might not only lose your teeth, but you might suffer from tooth sensitivity as well. Although people believe that quitting smoking is very difficult due to tobacco addiction the truth is that you can always move on and leave a better life.