All About Pre Adoption Medical Review

Adoption is a process that entails taking care of an orphaned child and making him or her your own. Most couple’s undertake adoption when the various avenues of getting a child of their own have failed. The adoption process is usually a tricky one since you have to conform to all the requirements placed by the state. That is why in each state there is a provision on the adoption law. First you need to make an application to the relevant bodies that you need to adopt one of the children placed under foster care or in an orphanage. The application will then be reviewed and accepted or denied depending on the information you have provided. If the application is accepted there is a child care specialist who has to determine whether your home will be suitable for the child you are going to adopt and how the couple’s have ensured that the environment is welcoming to the child. Once the review process is over, you will now get a notification on the adoption being approved and you can take the child. In order to be on the safe side you need to undertake a medical examination of the child to ensure that you are aware of his or her health and any condition he or she may have. That is where the pre adoption doctors come in.
These doctors ensure that they undertake an examination on the child so that you can understand all the health issues he may have. The doctor’s also work to ensure that the couple is aware whether the next step to take should be adoption. They determine whether the couple’s are fertile and whether adoption will be the best option. This applies when there is a risk involved when all other methods are involved due to the genetics of the parents and the underlying health conditions they may have which can be transferred to the child. A medical review is provided by doctors on such an issue and it is upon the couple’s to decide whether it is time to adopt a child who will be their own. The process is essential since not getting a child is very traumatizing to the couple’s and even the family itself. This is because it becomes difficult to choose what to do and blaming each other for not getting children. Once adoption has been decided the doctors will advise them on children centers that offer adoption and what they need to do to meet the requirements needed.
The pre adoption process is essential since the couple will be well prepared to start the process. The medical review provides an overview and basis on which couple’s can start the next step. Acceptance has to be there and that is why doctors work with psychologists on this journey to ensure they are fully aware of what they want to do. There will be advised and check which method of adoption they are going to use since they are classified into two. One involves a full adoption whereby the biological parents cannot claim the child and the second involves allowing the biological parents to be part of the process.

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