Things to Know About Tonsil Tissues

The tonsils are a pair of soft tissue masses in the back of the throat and play an important role in the health of the body. It is surprising given that tonsils were once considered useless organs in the body, some doctors going as far as recommending their removal surgically. What these doctors didn’t know about important parts of the lymphatic system is the role they play in fighting infections in the body. These software tissue masses have been found to be quite useful in the body, although their size vary widely in different individuals.

There are three sets of tonsils in the body although the palatine tonsils are the most popular and the most talked about. These tonsils are located at the opening of either side of the throat and are oval and pea-shaped. Tonsils are not of the same size in both children and adult, a change that occurs as one grows. Children are known to have large tonsils compared to adults because the size tends to get smaller as one grows and develops. Each tonsil is composed of tissues similar to lymph nodes with pits known as crypts running through them.

One thing most people do not know about these small and seemingly useless tissues are the vital roles they play in the body. Tonsils play a vital role in preventing infections by ensuring no foreign objects slip into the lungs. This is a pretty big role for such small tissues given the severity of lung diseases and the complications they can cause. In addition to foreign materials, tonsils filter bacteria and viruses ensuring the air reaching the lungs is clean and healthy. This makes them especially important if you are working or frequenting a location with compromised air quality, hence making sure you are healthy at all times.

The production of white blood cells and antibodies takes place in tonsil tissues too. White blood cells and antibodies play a significant role in fighting infections and keeping you free of infections. Without white blood cells and antibodies, you become vulnerable to diseases and infections due to low immunity. Tonsils tissues are your first line of defense against infections because they form an important part of your immune system. Their role in preventing foreign objects from entering your lungs and trapping bacteria and viruses makes them a crucial part of your immune system.

Despite playing an important role in disease and infections prevention in the body, tonsils can be attacked by diseases too. The most common tonsil tissues problem is known as tonsillitis, which refers to the inflammation of the tonsil tissues. Tonsillitis is a problem that can be easily treated using home remedies like drinking plenty of fluids or gargling salt water. But in severe cases of bacterial tonsillitis, antibiotics are usually recommended to help get rid of the problem. Most of the tonsil problems are prominent in children although adults can get them too, and should be treated as soon as possible. This is everything you should know about the tonsil tissues.

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